Development Milestone

In Sep. 2003, Double Three Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

In Mar. 2004, we started receiving orders from customers in Japan

In Apr. 2004, we successfully designed a FIFO conveyor system for Toyota's largest supplier - Toyoda Gosei.

In Jun. 2004, we successfully designed the PPD trolley for Shanghai Panasonic.

In Sep. 2004, we designed the trolley for Toshiba Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In Oct. 2004, our company officially became a long-term supplier of Toyoda Gosei.

In Feb. 2005, we provided a stillage solution for Changhe Suzuki and successfully implemented it.

In Mar. 2005, we designed a stillage to transport engines for Changhe Suzuki.

In Jun. 2005, we began fully implementing 5S. Our production site was greatly improved and our production efficiency was improved significantly.

In Sep. 2005, we started providing dedicated trolleys to the logistics center of RT-Mart.

In Oct. 2005, we provided a logistics center planning program for the Bosch Automotive and successfully implemented it.

In Dec. 2005, we offered a reusable packaging solution for the Bosch Automotive.

In Mar. 2006, we jointly developed and produced the dedicated stillage for Ford engine with Linpac.

In May 2006, our production workshop area expanded to 13,000 square meters.

In Jul. 2006, we got an order from Japan's Yamato Transport to produce 10058 pieces of new RBP roll container, and we timely delivered products with quality and quantity guaranteed.

In Jan. 2008, our company started implementing production system performance evaluation.

In Mar. 2008, our company was rated as an advanced unit in Cohesion Project by the Yangwang Industrial Park. Meanwhile, we passed the certification of SGS ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

In Jun. 2008, we got the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certificate issued by SGS.

In Apr. 2009, we passed the inspection of Asia's largest glass manufacturer - Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

In Oct. 2009, our company started the implementation of the ERP information system

In Nov. 2009, we got an order from Master Kong to produce 17,000 pieces of storage cages.

In May 2010, we started implementing information management system.

In Aug. 2010, we started the construction of the corporate brand image visual identification system.

In Oct. 2010, our company acquired the Tomoto Plastic & Metal Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., starting operating caster business.

In Jun. 2011, we started a six-month reform project on management processes and on-site 5S management. We cooperated with China's largest construction machinery manufacturer - Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and implemented China's first large size pallet auto-stereoscopic warehouse project. Additionally, our company obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate issued by SGS.

In Dec. 2011, our turnover exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, which is 105.8 million yuan.

In Feb. 2012, our company was rated as a Harmonious and Dynamic Enterprise by the Yangwang Industrial Park. In addition, we produced 17,000 pieces of trolleys for Japan Post within 45 days, setting a new record in the industry.

In Mar. 2012, our company purchased land in the Jianghai Park of Fengxian district to building new plants. Meanwhile, we introduced a new performance appraisal program to optimize salary structure.

In May 2012, company magazine, Logistics Knowledge, started publication

In Jun. 2012, we started the new plant logistics system concept design project. In addition, we got the order from Unilever and finished producing 19,000 pieces of wire mesh containers within three months

In Nov. 2012, we completed the production of 15,000 pieces of YMT trolleys.