Concept of Environmental Protection

To better respond to the WHO's appeal of maintaining a low-carbon life, we select the most reasonable and effective processes and processing methods in every link, and we rationalize resource to reduce waste, which greatly improve the protection of the environment. The specific measures we take are described as follows.

1. In the drawing design phase, we fully take into account the manufacturability of the product and the processing characteristics of the materials, so as to save raw materials. Optimize the process to make full use of the raw materials and thus reduce the consumption of secondary production, which greatly saves electricity.

2. During product processing, we control the energy consumption of unit production through savings in various aspects. For example, we use the machine rationally and effectively. We do not let the machine run at high load, so as to reduce consumption. Additionally, welding gas is fully utilized.

3. We adopt the more eco-friendly sand-blasting method to remove rust, i.e., letting iron steel grit operating at a high speed hit the surface of the product to remove rust. There is no chemical reaction in this process, nor is there any chemical volatilization. Therefore, compared with the acid-washing way, which uses acid liquid to remove the rust through chemical reaction, the sand-blasting method is much more environmentally friendly.

For the raw materials used for the surface treatment of the product, we adopt the high-quality materials which meet the national standards. For instance, lead-free powder is used for plastic spraying and Cr3 + galvanizing in line with European environmental standards is adopted.

4. In addition, we take reasonable and effective way of packaging, ensuring optimal packing effect while striving for minimum packing materials so as to reduce material use and waste and to achieve a real sense of low carbon.