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    1. General Folding Wire Mesh ContainerThis product can be used in conjunction with multiple means of transport in the entire production process from the incoming of raw materials to the leaving of finished products. It can save cost and reduce goods damage during handling.
    1. Stackable Wire Mesh ContainerDoor opened in the front and rear, bottom mesh panel bent in the left and right
      Folded inwards directly, without occupying external space
      Directly stacked after folded at no load, more convenient and stable
    1. Euro-Style Wire Mesh ContainerTriangular reinforcing structure for the rear meshes, improving the load-carrying capability of the rear meshes and guaranteeing the stability of the Euro-style wire mesh containers stacked on top of each other
    1. Custom Made Wire Mesh ContainerMore non-standard products for your choice. We can also provide customized products based on your needs.
    1. Roll Container with Plastic PalletCompared with metal bottom plate, the resin bottom plate is lighter and has better air permeability and drainage
      The adoption of reinforcing rib structure ensures the stability of the roll container with plastic pallet while realizing lightweighting
    1. Roll Container with Mesh SidesThe roll container with mesh sides differs from standard trolleys in design function, structure, and production process. It is applicable to distribution in the postal industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The high-quality casters configured are durable, noiseless, and labor-saving.
    1. Folding Roll ContainerThis folding roll container is easy to operate and flexible to move.
      It has a large storage space, and the loading and unloading of goods are fast.
      The safety of the operator and goods during handling can be ensured.
    1. Euro Style Roll ContainerEuropean style structural design, meeting different use needs U-shaped bottom frame, more stable when loading Easy to fold, saving storage space
    1. Euro-style Roll Container with Mesh SidesEuropean style structure, meeting different use requirements Mesh design in all four sides and the top cover, anti-theft, making cargo transportation safer U-shaped bottom frame, more stable
    1. Platform TrolleyThe folding platform trolley is mainly composed of the platform, foldable handrail, and mute casters. It is beautiful in appearance, strong in structure, as well as economic and durable in use. The product body is integrally formed by cold-rolled plate stamping, with reinforced ribs. The handrail is formed by seamless steel pipe, and the folding mechanism is reliable and convenient to operate.
    1. Aluminium DollyPerfect combination of aluminum beams and resin corner connector Unique design of integrated resin corner connector and caster, light and flexible, easy to install Wheel and caster frame all made of resin, product packaged by TPR material, lightweight, beautiful and noiseless
    1. Stackable Storage Rack with GuidewayThe triangle track overlapping mode is the unique connection way of the stackable storage rack with guideway. The gap produced due to the different upper and lower angles will serve as a buffer. The greater the load, the severer the shaking caused by external force, the stronger the adhesion between the two tracks, thus improving safety.
    1. Inverted Stackable Storage Rack without GuidewayThe inverted stackable storage rack without guideway is suitable for use in areas where using shelf is not suitable, such as leased warehouse, low and old-fashioned warehouse, workshop temporary storage area, etc. Used in conjunction with mechanical handling equipment, this product can be applied in all links of the logistics chain.
    1. Large Foldable Steel Mesh Sided StillageThe large foldable steel mesh sided stillage is made up of the left mesh panel, right mesh panel, rear mesh panel, front door, and the bottom frame. It meets the requirements of different dimensional chains and complies with the JIT production mode. It effectively reduces logistics cost and improves handling efficiency.
    1. Euro-style Mesh Sided StillageThe front door can be opened in half, facilitating putting in and taking out items when stacking. The front door can be easily bent inwards or take down. The left and right mesh panels are connected with the bottom base through built-in pin shaft. They are flexible to fold and unfold.
    1. Collapsible Mesh Sided Stillage BM01Foldable and stackable, this metal mesh stillage makes full use of space and achieves three-dimensional storage. It is free from the restrictions of the site due to its strong mobility. When at no load, it can be folded and stacked to save space and reduce transport costs
    1. Collapsible Mesh Sided Stillage BM02The front and rear mesh panels can be opened in half or in full, bringing convenience to the access of goods. The upper and lower parts of both the front and rear mesh panels are connected by hanging buckles, so they can be easily operated. Adopting mesh panels in all four sides, this stillage is light in weight and it also has lowered material costs.
    1. Collapsible Solid Sided Stillage BSA Series The collapsible solid sided stillage is composed of the front and rear upper and lower doors, left and right panels, and the bottom frame. Its specially designed tapered feet make stacking safe, stable, and reliable. This product effectively reduces logistics cost and improves handling efficiency, help meet JIT objectives.
    1. Collapsible Solid Sided Stillage BSB SeriesThis product is foldable and stackable, taking full use of space and realizing three-dimensional storage. When at no load, the product can be folded and stacked, reducing space occupied, facilitate recycling, and reducing the cost of logistics and transport. Half drop door can be set on the front and rear, thereby facilitating the access of goods.
    1. Tyre Rack for TRS TiresThis tyre stillage can be stacked when in use, thus making full use of space and realizing three-dimensional storage. It can replace the shelf and reduce duplication of investment. When at no load, this product can be folded and stacked to save space and reduce transport costs. It has strong mobility and is free from limitations of the site.
    1. Tyre Rack for TRSA TiresCapable of being stacked when in use, this tyre stillage achieves three-dimensional storage and makes full use of space. Used to replace shelf, it reduces overlapping investment. It will not occupy much space when at no load, because it can be folded and stacked. This brings convenience to the return journey and reduces logistics transportation cost.
    1. Tyre Rack for TRD TiresDouble-row loading, fixed quantity of tires stored, facilitating inventory counting With strong mobility, free from restrictions of sites Stackable when in use, making full use of space by realizing three-dimensional storage; used to replace shelf, reducing overlapping investment
    1. Stillage for Engine TransportFunctional parts are completely made by molds, which are solid and durable with high universality Firm locking by one time, fast and convenient to operate, safe and reliable transport Shock buffering, protecting the safety of the transported components
    1. Stillage for Door Frame / Bumper / Stamping PartsEnable foorframe and other parts to be placed in the most reasonable way, efficiently utilizing effective space Easy to use, making storage of auto parts safe and orderly Made completely by molds, the functional parts are sturdy and durable with high universality
    1. General Metal StillageOur company provides professionally-designed, high-quality products for the temporary storage and transport of parts for different car models.
    1. Other Special StillageUsed for reelpipe, specially shaped tube, interior decoration parts, and other special components Functional parts are modularly designed and made by dedicated molds. They are easy to operate and can ensure the safety of the transported items.
    1. PNJC Silent Rubber Swivel Caster with Plastic CoreModel:PNJC-125 / PNJC-151
      Type of wheel : Rubber wheel (Plastic core) / Rubber wheel (Plastic core)
    1. PNJCS Silent Rubber Swivel Caster with Plastic CoreModel: PNJCS-125 / PNJCS-151
      Type of wheel : Rubber wheel (Plastic core) / Rubber wheel (Plastic core)
    1. PNK Silent Rubber Rigid Caster with Plastic CoreModel: PNKE-125 / PNKE151
      Type of wheel : Rubber wheel (Plastic core) / Rubber wheel (Plastic core)
    1. SJ, HJ Silent Rubber Swivel Caster with Iron CoreModel: SJ-100 / SJ-130 / SJ-150 / SJ-200 / HJ-131
      Type of wheel : Rubber wheel (iron core)
    1. SJB, HJB Silent Iron Core Rubber Swivel Caster with BrakeRotation of the wheel stops at the same time with the wheel carrier
      The stop and removal can be easily completed by using the foot rest lever
      In occasions where movement is required, make sure that the foot rest lever is in the free state
    1. SK, HK Silent Rubber Rigid Caster with Iron CoreModel: Sk-100 / Sk-130 / Sk-150 / Sk-200 / HK-131
      Type of wheel: Rubber wheel (iron core)