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Stillage for Transport of Engine

1. Widely used in the auto industry, easy to operate, safe and neat storage
2. Column foldable, saving space
3. Functional parts are completely made by molds, which are solid and durable with high universality
4. Firm locking by one time, fast and convenient to operate, safe and reliable transport
5. Shock buffering, protecting the safety of the transported components

Stillage for Transport of Engine Folded and Stacked When at No Load
Stillage for Temporary Storage and
Transport of Engine
Stillage Loaded with Engines
Stillage for VW Engines Folded When at No Load
Storage and Transport Box for Suzuki Engine Stillage for RBT Engine
Stillage for Transmission Stillage for Gear Set Stillage for Engine

In addition, non-standard products can also be provided as per customer needs.

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