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Tyre Rack for TRS Tires

Stillage for TRS Tires
Stacking Part
Folded and Stacked When at No Load
Stacked When in Use

a. This tyre stillage can be stacked when in use, thus making full use of space and realizing three-dimensional storage. It can replace the shelf and reduce duplication of investment.
b. When at no load, this product can be folded and stacked to save space and reduce transport costs.
c. It has strong mobility and is free from limitations of the site.
d. Single-row loading, a fixed number of tires loaded, facilitating inventory counting
e. Tires are stored in the stillage in their working state to avoid being squeezed and damaged.

Application Description
a. This product is foldable and stackable. It is suitable for warehouse storage, factories transit and logistics transportation links.
b. As one of the indispensable logistics apparatus in production supply chain, it is used for logistics handling from the workshop production line to the transit warehouse and from the warehouse to the assembly line.
c. It is applicable to the storage and transport of car tires, truck tires, and other large tires.

Model Nominal size
Surface treatment Applicable tire specification Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-TRS01 2200×900×1230 800 Plastic spraying, galvanizing Outer diameter: 750-900mm 130 60
DT-TRS02 2200×1080×1230 800 Plastic spraying, galvanizing Outer diameter: 900-1100mm 110 50

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