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Collapsible Solid Sided Stillage BSB Series

Folding Solid Sided Stillage
Column limit element Cupped foot for stacking
Folding Process Diagram
Stacking at no load Stacking during use

Product Application
The BSB series collapsible solid sided stillage is widely used in the production, storage, and transportation in the fields of automobile, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, etc.

1. This product is foldable and stackable, taking full use of space and realizing three-dimensional storage.
2. When at no load, the product can be folded and stacked, reducing space occupied, facilitate recycling, and reducing the cost of logistics and transport.
3. Half drop door can be set on the front and rear, thereby facilitating the access of goods.
4. The upper and lower doors are connected with hanging buckle which is easy and fast to operate.
5. The left and right panels are connected with the bottom frame through the built-in pin shaft and are flexible to fold.
6. The cupped feet ensure safety and stability of stacking.
7. The surface treatment of powder coating makes the product beautiful and durable.
8. The quantity of items stored in this collapsible solid sided stillage is fixed. This makes inventory counting easy.

Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Surface treatment Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-BSB1208 1200×800×800 1070×700×605 1000 Powder coating 175 77
DT-BSB1210 1200×1000×800 1070×900×605 1000 Powder coating 154 64

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