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Collapsible Solid Sided Stillage BSA Series

Collapsible Solid Sided Stillage

Product Description
1. The BSA series collapsible solid sided stillage is composed of the front and rear upper and lower doors, left and right panels, and the bottom frame.
2. Its specially designed tapered feet make stacking safe, stable, and reliable.
3. This product effectively reduces logistics cost and improves handling efficiency, help meet JIT objectives.
4. It is widely used for the warehousing and distribution in the mechanical, electronic, automobile, and other industries.

Column locating part Pin rod for locating Guard plate with built-in pin shaft Tapered feet for stacking
Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Surface treatment Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-BSA1210 1200×1000×1060 1120×920×870 1000 Powder coating 132 60
DT-BSA1208 1200×800×760 1120×720×570 1000 Powder coating 150 72
Folding Process Diagram
Column locating part Pin rod for locating

Product Features
1. The specially-designed tapered feet are formed by stamping, which have large load-bearing capacity and ensure safe and smooth stacking.
2. Both the front and rear panels can be half opened, facilitating putting in and taking out goods.
3. The lower part of the front or rear panel is fixed by pin rods. It can be easily folded.
4. Formed by stamping, all iron panels have high strength. They are lightweight, thus reducing costs.
5. The continuous structure of the bottom enables the collapsible solid sided stillage to run automatically in the logistics transportation line while improving the load-bearing capacity.
6. The forklift slot limit ensures safe operation of the forklift.
7. The sheet used to cover the column is made by special tooling. It improves the strength of the column.
8. The left and right panels are connected to the bottom frame by the pin shaft, so they are flexible to fold.
9. The product surface is sprayed with plastic powder and is beautiful and durable. 10. Three-dimensional storage can be realized by stacking the stillages with load.
11. When at no load, the solid sided stillage can be folded and stacked to save space and reduce transport costs.
12. Storing workpieces in a fixed quantity, the foldable solid sided container makes inventory counting easy and convenient.

In addition to the above products, we can also provide customized products according to customer requirements.

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