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Collapsible Mesh Sided Stillage BM02

Foldable Metal Mesh Stillage

1. The front and rear mesh panels can be opened in half or in full, bringing convenience to the access of goods.
2. The upper and lower parts of both the front and rear mesh panels are connected by hanging buckles, so they can be easily operated.
3. Adopting mesh panels in all four sides, this collapsible stillage is light in weight and it also has lowered material costs.
4. The steel plate used to cover the column is formed by special tooling and improves the strength of the column.
5. The left and right panels are connected to the bottom frame by built-in clevis pin with head. They are flexible to fold.
6. The continuous structure of the bottom improves the load bearing capacity of the product and enables the product to run automatically in the logistics transportation line.
7. There are dedicated forklift grooves at the bottom, ensuring operation safety of the forklift.
8. The product feet are specially designed and they are formed by special tooling. With large load-bearing capacity, they ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of stacking.
9. Products with load can be piled up to make full use of space and realize three-dimensional storage.
10. When at no load, the product can be folded and stacked to reduce occupied space and reduce transportation costs.
11. With the quantity of the stored goods fixed, this BM02 collapsible mesh sided stillage facilitates inventory counting.
12. Surface processing of powder coating makes the product beautiful and durable.

Folded and stacked at no load Stacked when bearing load Column guard plate Tapered feet for stacking

Column locating part Door hanging buckle

The collapsible mesh sided stillage is extensively used for the material storage and transportation in the manufacturing industry.

Folding Process Diagram
Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Surface treatment Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-BM02 2270×1170×1090 2150×1040×920 1000 Powder coating 70 35

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