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Collapsible Mesh Sided Stillage BM01

Collapsible Metal Mesh Stillage

1. Foldable and stackable, this mesh sided stillage makes full use of space and achieves three-dimensional storage.
2. It is free from the restrictions of the site due to its strong mobility.
3. When at no load, it can be folded and stacked to save space and reduce transport costs.
4. The tapered feet ensure stable and reliable stacking.
5. With the surface sprayed with plastic powder, this BM01 collapsible mesh sided stillage is beautiful in appearance and durable in use.
6. Workpieces are stored in the container in their working condition, so as to avoid being squeezed and damaged.
7. The quantity of the stored goods is fixed, so inventory counting is easy and convenient.

Upright protector Upright locating part Tapered foot Door hanging buckle

1. The front mesh panel is connected with the bottom frame via the hanging buckle, so it can be easily folded.
2. Connected to the bottom base by clevis pin with head, the left and right mesh panels are easy to fold and unfold.
3. The rated load of this collapsible mesh sided stillage is 1,000 kg.
4. Products with load can be stacked as high as four layers.
5. The product is applicable to the production, storage, and transportation in the fields of automobile, electrical, electronic, etc.

Folding Process Diagram
Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Surface treatment Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-BM01 1140×1140×740 1020×1010×575 1000 Powder coating 140 70

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