1. Stillage for Engine TransportFunctional parts are completely made by molds, which are solid and durable with high universality Firm locking by one time, fast and convenient to operate, safe and reliable transport Shock buffering, protecting the safety of the transported components
    1. Stillage for Door Frame / Bumper / Stamping PartsEnable foorframe and other parts to be placed in the most reasonable way, efficiently utilizing effective space Easy to use, making storage of auto parts safe and orderly Made completely by molds, the functional parts are sturdy and durable with high universality
    1. General Metal StillageOur company provides professionally-designed, high-quality products for the temporary storage and transport of parts for different car models.
    1. Other Special StillageUsed for reelpipe, specially shaped tube, interior decoration parts, and other special components Functional parts are modularly designed and made by dedicated molds. They are easy to operate and can ensure the safety of the transported items.

Stillage for Automotive Industry

1. According to the requirements proposed by the customers, we can quickly provide design schemes satisfying customers.
2. Our stillage is designed to be extremely humanized. It is easy, safe, and fast to operate, maximizing space utilization.
3. Produced by advanced equipment, our product enjoys perfect workmanship and it is durable in use.

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