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Large Foldable Steel Mesh Sided Stillage

Large Size Folding Steel Sided Stillage
Hinge Position-limit mechanism for the front door
Fan-shaped self - locking device of the bolt

Product Description
1. The large foldable steel mesh sided stillage is made up of the left mesh panel, right mesh panel, rear mesh panel, front door, and the bottom frame. It meets the requirements of different dimensional chains and complies with the JIT production mode. It effectively reduces logistics cost and improves handling efficiency.
2. This product is widely used for the storage and transport of large items in many industries, especially in the used home appliance recycling industry.

Folding Process Diagram

1. This foldable steel sided stillage has large storage space. When carrying goods, multiple products can be stacked to make full use of space and realize three-dimensional storage.
2. When at no load, the product can be folded and stacked to save space.
3. With surface sprayed with plastic powder, our product is beautiful and durable with long service life.
4. The bolts make cargo loading and unloading fast.
5. The signage on the front door makes process operation clearer.
6. Using this product can improve the working environment and storage efficiency.
7. Goods are lossless during storage and transportation. Safety of the operator can also be ensured.
8. This collapsible steel sided stillage is widely used in the production line of household appliances as well as for the storage and transportation of various waste home appliances.
9. Non-standard products can be customized as per customer needs.

Folded and stacked at no load Stacked with load
Stacked with load Stacked with load
Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Capacity (m3) Surface treatment Packing quantity
DT-SC2218 2280×1810×1990 2150×1720×1880 1000 0.68 Powder coating 36

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