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Stackable Storage Rack with Guideway

Characteristics of Triangle Track
The triangle track overlapping mode is the unique connection way of the stackable storage rack with guideway. The gap produced due to the different upper and lower angles will serve as a buffer. The greater the load, the severer the shaking caused by external force, the stronger the adhesion between the two tracks, thus improving safety.

Product Application
The stackable storage rack with guideway is widely used in material inventory. It is applicable to material storage not only in areas where shelves are not suitable but also in large warehouses.

1. The product is formed by welding square tubes. It has large bearing capacity and good durability.
2. With unified specification, it makes inventory counting easy.
3. When at no load, products can be inserted into each other (for fixed type) or dismantled (for detachable type) for storage, thus occupying small space.
4. The triangle track structure ensures excellent stability and shock resistance during stacking.
5. Products with many kinds of specifications are provided. We can also design product to suit the goods to be stored.

Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Cargo size
Surface treatment
DT-NR1302 1300×1200×1200 1200×1150×1000 1100×1100×900 54 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1304 1300×1200×1400 1200×1150×1200 1100×1100×1100 56 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1402 1400×1200×1200 1300×1150×1000 1200×1100×900 55 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1404 1400×1200×1400 1300×1150×1200 1200×1100×1100 57 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1502 1500×1200×1200 1400×1150×1000 1300×1100×900 56 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1504 1500×1200×1400 1400×1150×1200 1300×1100×1100 58 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1602 1600×1200×1200 1500×1150×1000 1400×1100×900 57 1000 4 Powder coating
DT-NR1604 1600×1200×1400 1500×1150×1200 1400×1100×1100 59 1000 4 Powder coating
Cross bar (detachable type)
Prevent the collapse of the goods, two or three layers can be divided
Safety net (detachable type)
Prevent goods from collapsing
The safety net can also be installed in the front
Middle vertical rod (detachable type)
Prevent the collapse of the goods
If the vertical rod is installed in the inside, the internal dimension will be reduced by 50mm; it can also mounted on the outside
Intermediate partition pallet (detachable type)
Enable this stackable storage rack with guideway to hold different types of goods
Bottom plate with pad With top cover Inverted with guide rail
Stacked at no load Stacked with load Usage scenario

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