1. Roll Container with Plastic PalletCompared with metal bottom plate, the resin bottom plate is lighter and has better air permeability and drainage
      The adoption of reinforcing rib structure ensures the stability of the roll container with plastic pallet while realizing lightweighting
    1. Roll Container with Mesh SidesThe roll container with mesh sides differs from standard trolleys in design function, structure, and production process. It is applicable to distribution in the postal industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The high-quality casters configured are durable, noiseless, and labor-saving.
    1. Folding Roll ContainerThis folding roll container is easy to operate and flexible to move.
      It has a large storage space, and the loading and unloading of goods are fast.
      The safety of the operator and goods during handling can be ensured.
    1. Euro Style Roll ContainerEuropean style structural design, meeting different use needs U-shaped bottom frame, more stable when loading Easy to fold, saving storage space
    1. Euro-style Roll Container with Mesh SidesEuropean style structure, meeting different use requirements Mesh design in all four sides and the top cover, anti-theft, making cargo transportation safer U-shaped bottom frame, more stable
    1. Platform TrolleyThe folding platform trolley is mainly composed of the platform, foldable handrail, and mute casters. It is beautiful in appearance, strong in structure, as well as economic and durable in use. The product body is integrally formed by cold-rolled plate stamping, with reinforced ribs. The handrail is formed by seamless steel pipe, and the folding mechanism is reliable and convenient to operate.
    1. Aluminium DollyPerfect combination of aluminum beams and resin corner connector Unique design of integrated resin corner connector and caster, light and flexible, easy to install Wheel and caster frame all made of resin, product packaged by TPR material, lightweight, beautiful and noiseless


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