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Euro-style Roll Container with Mesh Sides

European Style Mesh Roll Container

Rotating member Top cover

Bolt Strengthened wheel mounting plate

Folded at no load Folded and Nested at No Load

Product Application
The Euro-style roll container with mesh sides is widely used in the circulation links, such as distribution in the supermarket

Structural Features
1. European style structure, meeting different use requirements
2. Mesh design in all four sides and the top cover, anti-theft, making cargo transportation safer
3. U-shaped bottom frame, more stable
4. Integrated mounting plate, high structural strength
5. Galvanized surface, beautiful and durable
6. Folded and nested for storage, easy to operate

Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Capacity (m3) Surface treatment Structural form Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-RUM01 725×810×1650 660×750×1350 61 500 0.67 Electrogalvanizing Partition plate attached 141 63

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