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Folding Roll Container

1. This folding roll container is easy to operate and flexible to move.
2. It has a large storage space, and the loading and unloading of goods are fast.
3. The safety of the operator and goods during handling can be ensured.
4. This roll cage can be easily folded into an L shape for putting away, thus not occupying much space.
5. As a helpful handling tool in the logistics and manufacturing industries, it saves manpower, reduces costs, and increases productivity.
6. A signage is attached, making process operation clearer.
7. With its surface sprayed with plastic, this foldable trolley is beautiful and practical with long service life. It can be used for show.
8. A safety hanging rod is attached.

This folding roll container is extensively used for the warehousing and distribution of various goods in a variety of industries, such as food, electronics, automobile, and so on.

Folding and Unfolding Process Diagram
Model External
dimensions W×D×H
dimensions W×D×H
Surface treatment Standard color Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-RB1001 800×600×1450 740×540×1220 37 500 0.48 Powder coating Orange 150 73
DT-RB1002 800×600×1700 740×540×1470 41 500 0.58 Powder coating Orange 150 73
DT-RB1003 850×650×1700 790×590×1470 43 500 0.68 Powder coating Orange 150 73
DT-RB1004 950×800×1700 890×740×1470 50 500 0.95 Powder coating Orange 124 64
DT-RB1005 1100×800×1700 1040×740×1470 53 500 1.12 Powder coating Orange 110 50

Practical Case
The logistics trolley plays a significant role in manufacturing enterprises. The flexible using of roll container can greatly improve the efficiency in the entire process from storing parts to delivering the finished products.

1. Parts Warehouse
The logistics trolley significantly improves the efficiency of looking for parts and components. As long as the type and quantity of the components to be transported out of the warehouse are made clear, the order picking operation is completed by just loading the parts into the trolley.

2. Production Line
The parts required by the production line can be quickly sent by the storage cage.

3. Assembly
The finished products can be taken out immediately from the production line into the storage cage which has been pushed nearby. This improves the production efficiency substantially.

4. Empty Trolley Return
The empty logistics trolley can be folded. The folded trolley takes up 1/4 of the space occupied by the unfolded trolley.

There are more non-standard products for your choice. In addition, we can customize products according to your needs.

Logistics Trolley with Grid Bottom Plate
Suitable for storage and transportation of lightweight, box-packaged goods
Folding Roll Container with Iron Bottom Plate and Partition Plate
Applicable to the storage and transportation of classified products and products which can not be pressed
Refrigerated and Insulated Trolley
Suitable for the storage and distribution of cold drink and other low-temperature food
Trolley with Front Hanging Door
Easy to operate, suitable for expression distribution and other cargo transportation
Double-door Trolley
Suitable for goods transport in supermarkets, logistics center, and other places
Optional Accessories
Grid Partition Plate Iron Partition Plate Front Hanging Door Rubber Strap

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