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Roll Container with Mesh Sides

Mesh Sided Roll Container
Clamping piece: new type clamping piece with improved firmness, reduced gap, and more reasonable structure Partition plate: Free from disassembly, folded synchronously with the trolley, more convenient Door: four-door, realizing classified type distribution and protecting the items in the non-distribution section; 50×50 mesh, preventing the items to be distributed from coming out and falling
Bolt: self-locking, preventing opening caused by shock or impact; locks can be added for fixing and improved anti-theft property Hinge: can be rotated by 270°; The new type of clamping piece used in the hinge enables the doors to be connected with the left and right side mesh panels more firmly, preventing door tilt caused by long-term use affecting the beautiful appearance and operation of the roll container with mesh sides Locating pin: The bottom plate is provided with two locating pins which prevent the bottom plate from moving caused by inertia and improve the overall stability of the storage cage

Product Features
1. The roll container with mesh sides differs from standard trolleys in design function, structure, and production process.
2. It is applicable to distribution in the postal industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
3. The high-quality casters configured are durable, noiseless, and labor-saving.
4. Customized products can be provided.

Specification of Roll Container with Mesh Sides
Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Capacity (m3) Surface treatment Structural form Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-RB1180M 1100×800×1700 1040×740×1460 95 500 1.12 Powder coating Partition plate attached;
100 50

1. Folding

Open the bolt to expand the four doors; turn the doors by 270° to make them fit around the left or right mesh panels; fold the partition plate and plug in the locating pin; fold the bottom plate and plug in the locating pin; fold the left and right mesh panels and step on the caster brake

Release the caster brake and unfold the left and right mesh panels; pull out the locating pin, put down the bottom plate, and plug in the locating pin; pull out the locating pin and put down the partition plate; close the doors and plug in the bolt

Folding and Unfolding Process Diagram

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