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Roll Container with Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet Roll Container
Resin Fixing Part A for Hanging Rod Resin Fixing Part B for Hanging Rod
Lightweight reinforcing rib, more solid Clamping piece galvanized externally
Lightweight reinforced resin bottom plate Caster mounting plate formed by special mold, with stronger bearing capacity

The roll container with plastic pallet plays an important role in the production-oriented enterprises. Flexible use of this tool can greatly improve the efficiency in the whole process from raw material incoming to finished products leaving. Therefore, this device is widely used for cargo distribution in a lot of fields, such as food, electronic, logistics, etc.

1. Compared with metal bottom plate, the resin bottom plate is lighter and has better air permeability and drainage
2. The adoption of reinforcing rib structure ensures the stability of the roll container with plastic pallet while realizing lightweighting.
3. The linkage design of bottom plate and pin lever makes this wire mesh product easy and reliable to operate.
4. The bottom plate is reinforced by the cylindrical metal tubes and its weight-bearing capacity is improved.
5. The bottom plate with the high-quality rubber wheel achieves quietness.
6. The mounting plate of the caster adopts a reinforcing rib structure which increases the strength of the plate and reduces costs.
7. The surface treatment of powder coating makes the roll container with plastic pallet beautiful and durable with long service life.
8. Custom products are available as per customer needs.

Model External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Capacity (m3) Surface treatment Standard color Packing quantity
40GP 20GP
DT-RB1003P 850×650×1700 790×590×1450 40 500 0.68 Powder coating Orange 150 73
DT-RB1005P 1100×800×1700 1040×740×1460 49 500 1.12 Powder coating Orange 110 50

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