1. General Folding Wire Mesh ContainerThis product can be used in conjunction with multiple means of transport in the entire production process from the incoming of raw materials to the leaving of finished products. It can save cost and reduce goods damage during handling.
    1. Stackable Wire Mesh ContainerDoor opened in the front and rear, bottom mesh panel bent in the left and right
      Folded inwards directly, without occupying external space
      Directly stacked after folded at no load, more convenient and stable
    1. Euro-Style Wire Mesh ContainerTriangular reinforcing structure for the rear meshes, improving the load-carrying capability of the rear meshes and guaranteeing the stability of the Euro-style wire mesh containers stacked on top of each other
    1. Custom Made Wire Mesh ContainerMore non-standard products for your choice. We can also provide customized products based on your needs.

Wire Mesh Container

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