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Euro-Style Wire Mesh Container

Euro Wire Mesh Container
Model Inner size
Outer size
(kg) )
Leg height
Surface treatment Stacked layers
DT-EUA01 790*520**510 860*580*680 50*100 18 300 100 Electrogalvanizing 4
DT-EUA02 1120*730*810 1120*800*900 65*120 44 1000 100 Electrogalvanizing 4
DT-EUA03 1120*930*1000 1200*1000*1180 65*120 54 1000 100 Electrogalvanizing 4

Note: We can provide custom products as per customer needs.

Mesh panel formed by touch welding; multi-point welding ensures that the Euro-style wire mesh container is strong and durable.

Connecting piece of mesh panels is locked by bolt, thus ensuring that the storage cage can be folded when not in use.

Triangular reinforcing structure for the rear meshes, improving the load-carrying capability of the rear meshes and guaranteeing the stability of the Euro-style wire mesh containers stacked on top of each other.

Reinforcing rib for the side meshes, improving the load-carrying capacity of the side meshes and ensuring the stability when stacking.

Metal signage, facilitating the recording and finding of goods.

Foldable structure, saving storage space.

Limit element for side meshes, preventing side meshes moving due to inertia and enhancing the overall stability.

Bent metal handle, comfortable to hold and convenient to handle; bent latch, preventing automatic slide open and ensuring the safety of the stored goods.

Special foot structure, ensuring stability when stacking.

Stackable function, improving storage efficiency and saving space

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